Erin Gallagher, B.A., LMT, bctmb

Energetic Coaching - Posturing - Myofascial Release


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You are already whole & already healed. I can help you remember what Body knows.


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My unique practice meets many layers of you and may be what you've been seeking.


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Collective healing is powerful. Join our monthly Postural Playshop to heal in community.

Who are you when you’re no longer your ancestral holding patterns and postures?

Does your Life Move from ego desire or Resonance of Soul?

Are your relationships connecting from Pattern, or, From Love?

How does your body Feel and Know the difference between any of these states?

May we explore, and grow, together, and for the benefit of All.


Awakening Bodies Co is located outside of Chicago, Illinois

 At 311 S 2nd St, St Charles, Illinois 60174

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Erin taught me to walk with balance and she supports me with clear guidance and love as I negotiate my spiritual and physical realignment.  I feel not only safe with her, but supported by her. I trust her and her expertise implicitly.  

Phyllis Jeffers-Coly
Founder|Owner Diasporic Soul, Senegal 


The posturing work, one on one, that I have experienced with Erin is a remarkable process that informs me of, and validates my ability to embody. To tap into and communicate with my body, and to work energetically where needed. It is a true path to awareness. It is connection between the body and emotions as well. 

Pamela Yeager


Each session is unique because client needs are often unique as they process and release stuck energy thus allowing deeper work to occur.  Each session is specific to what the client presents in the moment and can be viewed as a stand-alone event or an evolving progression on one's self-discovery path.

Kathy Toner