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About Erin


Welcome! I'm glad you're here.

I've created this site as a space where you can learn more about my offerings,

and find resources to bolster your unique Path.

What I do

  • Ultimately, I help you understand what Body Knows, which is that you are whole and deeply connected to an entire Multiverse of energy and wisdom.

  • I seek to help you find your way to Self Connection, where you can feel into the expanse and remember, and Know.

  • I believe that walking towards our fear, pain, and discomfort is how we learn. And learning in this way leads to Self Liberation: to feel deeply at peace no matter our circumstance.

  • I will Listen to Body and teach you to do the same so you can access what Body Knows about what you are truly needing. 

Why I do it

Because I can't not! Pain, suffering, struggle, research, healing, ongoing practice, my life path and ongoing acceptance have guided me here, now, to assist others on their unique paths.

  • I hope to stand witness and partner to any human being waking up into their own multidimensional spiritual experience; to be the presence of sight that can see the profundity, the righteousness, the innocence, and uniqueness of their path.

    • To help them discern complex and subtle dynamics within the self, the energy field, the relational fields.

    • To help them to feel more alive, more aware, more embodied and sane, despite this opening to a wider, more vast sense of self.

  • I hope to be a safe enough space for others moving through transition that they begin to feel deeply safe within themselves.

Who I Am

I am Erin Gallagher, a licensed massage therapist, energy reader & channel, who, through formal & continuing education, continual awakening, self study, practice, and inner work, have developed methods of Energetic Coaching and Posturing that are unique to my work, combined with the modality of massage called myofascial release.

I am a community builder and connector and intend to embody equitable, honest relationship.

Illuminating the Great Work of Healers, Artists and Practitioners is very close to my heart.

Translating the bodies messages and the stuckness of the energy field are my second (and third!) natures.

I am the deepest, most loyal friend to all parts of my humanity and multi-dimensionality.

I am awareness that is larger than any solidified self. I am One who senses maya and karma and the interconnectedness of all things.

I am here on this planet doing the re-connection work of my own self healing; gathering back to myself the tortured, trapped, compartmentalized parts of myself that have been spread out across time, space and realms, and integrating them into This Now's Creation.

I've been pulled back through to remembrance, so take seriously the mastery of the human energy field, and in remembering, healing and mastering, I'm here to aide those also choosing to be the Master of their own Path in accordance with All Life.

I dance, paint, embody, study, cleanse, cook, clean, run, read, write, hike and gather friends, family and other practitioners.

I am here in service to the quality of Self-Connection that protects, nourishes, interconnects, that frees and revolutionizes Life.

Transparency, Integrity, Clean intention/motivation, the power of rest & self-care and care of sentient beings Matters to me.

If this all sounds resonant for your path's timing, I'd be honored to work with you. 

Contact me for a no-cost 15 minute consult at (847) 533-0721.

Blessings to your Heart!



Erin is Quite simply put: AMAZING !!! As a healer, intuitive, mystic, and body worker extraordinaire!


I trust her with my sensitive body, my open heart and processing of emotions. Her deep knowing and sensitivity supports me, sees me and heals me. I am blessed to know her and honored to share sacred space with her. She is extremely gifted. I highly recommend Erin. Everyone loves her.

Vickie M. Fairchild



A session with Erin is a totally delightful experience every single time and I’ve been going for years. It’s the insight into my total being that she always seems to have telling me more about myself than I knew when I arrived both mentally and physically.


I’m twice her age, but I continue to be impressed by her wisdom which is way beyond her years. She has and will always be an important part of my life.

Frank Klaus



🐛I am transformed!🦋
I’m down into my lower legs, some. I just kind of skip-hopped across the studio…loving that stretch you showed stepping out on my right heel and then turning toward it.


I will get this!


I’m inspired …and I think it’s adding years to my life.

Donna Lynn Strong Brott, LAc



Erin is part of my self care routine. If for whatever reason I fall out of routine in appointments, the negative self talk takes over until a birdie reminds me that I need to see my embodiment coach, Erin.


She creates a safe place where all of me can show up, express whatever emotion or story is ready to be witnessed and through example guides me home to my true essence. You model what it would be like to unconditionally love myself.

Liz Kitchell