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Heart's Light

Healing businesses,
serving community that's awakening. 

For many years I've gathered circles and felt a call to live my dharma within a community committed to doing the same. There have been many template-phases of this call! 

In August 2021, in meditation, I was given the details of a Space I could seek out, as well as the names of two special women that I was to ask if this vision was also resonant for their paths/dharmas. I asked them, and, it Was!

Spirit gave us "Heart's Light" as the name of our Space.

Heart's Light is a Space for individuals, couples, community and families

to Be Soul, Be Home & Be Light. We hope that people will feel safe and held while within Heart's Light, so that they may heal, integrate, and Be the Light they found themselves to be there, out in the world. 

Heart's Light is a small beacon-point to come back into the Truth of Love, Self and Interconnectivity, and to pay that frequency forward as we live our day to day lives.

To learn more about Heart's Light, Carla,  Afsheen and the other Practitioner's that layer in, 

please visit https://www.heartslight.space/


475 Dunham Road Suite 2B Saint Charles IL 60174


(847) 533-0721


By appointment

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