What is Energetic Coaching?

I was attuned to Master Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki energy work in 2011, as well as a level one reiki of the 5 elements variety. I don't personally attune people to any modality of energy work. I can point you towards wonderful teachers who do though; just ask!) And I don't often "run energy" on/for people, either. I actually find that the room, the field, one's own body does that now.

What I most enjoy is reading energy- and involving you directly in the conversation; teaching, discerning, helping you to self-align-from a felt-sense within you-to Yourself. Bodies and Life have shown me that we are simply varied and diverse vibrations of energy: we are light, we are sound, we are waves, we are space, we are archetype, karma, silence and programming, and through grand design and mystery, we manifest here as physical form. 

Research reinforces our understanding of ourselves as embodied energy.

It is by sensing life from the subtle energetic vibrations that I'm able to feel energy move through myself and others. I then mirror and teach others through a shared dialogue, sometimes involving movement (what I call posturing), how to sense those subtle energies for themselves, and they often find a level of self-connection that no outside person can feel for them!

Coming to know our own energetic field in this way allows a deeper form of self-intimacy and can open up many doorways for sensing life more fully, healing and making self and life supportive choices. 

My intention with energetic coaching is to be a spiritual partner, a helpful, resourceful mirror, more deeply connecting you to yourself and your unfolding, multidimensional life. It is the most precious gift that I can imagine giving.

I offer a no-cost 15 minute phone consultation for all new clients to see if we’re a resonant match.

If my services aren’t exactly what you’re seeking It is my joy and privilege to suggest another Cincinnati practitioner I trust.

I will continue to build my practitioner network here, near St. Charles, Illinois, to be able to refer you locally, as well.


Session Options & Rates:

1 hr for $125

1.5 hrs for $155

*Due to the unexpected flow of These Times, I am happy to flex on session cost. Above are my regular rates.

I trust you to be ready for the work, to sense the value of the work, and to also know your own financial abilities at this time.

I leave it to you to set your own session cost through Covid. Helping others receive resonant aide is a top priority for me.

Venmo, Paypal. Check, Cash accepted.


Although I do not accept insurance, I am able to provide a receipt that ​you may be able to use

to request reimbursement from your insurance company or medical expense savings account. 


Awakening Bodies Co. is located on zoom and near St. Charles Illinois and is open by appointment only.

Please contact (847) 533- 0721 to schedule, or to see if this work is your next resonant direction!



No one does work like you do. I come to you because I feel safe and comfortable with you. I know I will come away much better than I went in. You are so intuitive I just put myself in your hands and you always know what body/heart/mind needs. No one else goes the places we go with the work that calls.You are honest with me in the kindest way and in the ways I need at the time.


You are one of the finest technicians in the field of massage and bodywork. I feel good about referring you to anyone because I know you will customize the “treatment” to what they are open to and you will help them.


You are generous to me in every way, especially concerning finances. When I get a self care service I decide that I am also worth the investment in Me, cost wise. Sometimes I can’t afford a service and have to postpone getting one. You have helped me afford a session now and again when I couldn’t have otherwise.


You and your practice are an exceptionally wonderful gift to so many.


Pamela Yeager


I was recommended to you by someone I trust implicitly. And now I trust you implicitly.  Trust is a big deal for me.


Your intuitive body work, to my knowledge, isn't being offered by anyone else. You help me to grow spiritually while helping me heal physically.   Sometimes you challenge me more than I want to be challenged. That's a good thing!!! Don't stop. It's how I learn and grow.


I refer someone to you whenever anyone asks me what I do for self care. Why, because you offer something few others offer, I don't know of anyone else, when it comes to a physical intuitive massage.


I go to you because of a great experience. And more, because you're a kind, compassionate, loving human.

Paul Miller


I come to Erin when I have received information (from source, nature, spirit, etc) that I don’t know what to do with and need a guide. She offers an all inclusive approach to mind, body, spirit that I haven’t seen anywhere before.

After each of our sessions I feel embodied, whole, seen, heard, known, and understood. 

Erin's drive to connect community and invite each of us to give our gifts to ourselves and each other is heart opening and life enriching. I am deeply grateful for the healing presence she has introduced to my life. 

Kate McCracken