What is Group Work?

3 options to Be in the Light of Group


'Group Work' (In Person) 

at Heart's Light in Saint Charles, IL.:

*For those Beings (local to Saint Charles IL) shedding their veils, finding their Light and seeking Spiritual Community to practice in.

Group Work is both a Call, and, a natural extension of working with myself and others for many years .

We can utilize group energy to both Reconnect with Higher Spaces of Wisdom and direction, and, to help heal and evolve the planet. 

Over the years, alongside of many forms of Practitioner Gatherings, I've run different small groups; "Embody your Essence", "Postural Playshop", "Support for Soul Alignment" and most currently, "Pillar".

The earlier groups were rooted in anatomy and embodiment. We progressed towards somatics, trauma informant and multidimensional embodiment-mainly through the lens of the psychic/astral planes. Years passed, and groups took new form on zoom, with practices remaining seated in the formerly mentioned foundations, but from an energetic standpoint, and slowly gaining a true center in the evolution of consciousness, and personal, spiritual growth as Soul. 

Group Work is a 2-hour Space, where we join together from a shared Call to gather with like-hearteds to do our personal, and Spiritual Work.

Spirit fully directs what the Group session entails, so it's truly hard to say "what will happen" before all energies arrive in the Space together!

If you are Called to come, Come. Attendance IS what Creates. 

(You can let the pragmatic and rule-seeking-mind know, that in Group Work we utilize foundational gateways such as anatomy, embodiment, movement/somatic explorations, multidimensional, spiritual, astrological and enneagram education, sharing, meditation, Soul Readings, a bit of relational/astral processing and basic Constellation Work. Session could entail any one, or many, of these above explorations, depending on what the Group energy provides, and is asking for. Often this is beyond any intentions that our thinking minds can drum up!)

What is Constellation Work? Here is my teacher, Jane Peterson, to explain:  https://vimeo.com/75845956

***There is a difference between what Jane practices, and what I practice:. Jane defines (in video), there being 2 selves: the mental self, and, the somatic self. The somatic self lives in relationships. and is formed from us, and our family unit/system. The somatic self "knows" about relationships through it's somatic sense. The Soma is the basis of her work (as I understand it), and, (her) huge contribution to the field of Constellation Work.

In my spiritual studies, and my own lived sense (beyond my somatic sense) both the mental and somatic "bodies" live within the dualistic plane, and are extensions of, and can go rogue from, a deeper Self; the Soul. The Soul is the basis of my Work (though I started in/with soma) and is the "direction" of our evolution, Now. Feelings, which extend from soma, which extend from thoughts, which are essentially karmic patterns, are not always reliable accounts of a situation, because they are happening through the conditioning of a dualistic-'good"/"bad", "right"/"wrong" plane, and sort of "need" external relationships to coregulate themselves/agree, in order to give them a sense of self, which essentially keeps us identified with an old, and perhaps spiritually codependent model of inner and outer relating. Now, we move beyond "sensate" (mind/feelings/body-identification) and towards the Knowing of Soul.

Also, Jane speaks to "knowing" from a somatic space. I am speaking of Knowing from a Soul space, and personally have experienced that the somatic knowing is not the whole story. Can we heal trauma in relationships? That's certainly what the research says! Do we need to? No. Because, according to the tree of life, we are an individuated Soul, the second of our four "Trees" that make up the Self, overlays the first; animal nature. Where we are as a people, is "ungluing" our sensate self (personality) from the animal nature (needing mammalian/group co-regulation for sense of self and safety) and towards consciousness beginning to reidentify with Soul, where true, eternal "safety" is; beyond any external form. 

My work emphasizes cultivation of the relationship within; between the mental-feeling-physical bodies (we sometimes call this grouping the ego, though that's not an accurate statement), and, Soul. 

Because each Being is on their own path, all offerings Matter. 

Jane is an extraordinary teacher, and resource, and has many u-tube videos, trainings, as well as a lovely blog to explore.

Our main intention with Group Work is to utilize this time together to connect to Soul and Spirit. and to align our little wills with Divine Will.

If you are near Saint Charles, IL, and are called, please join us for Group Work!!

There is gateway here for every seeker, and Your energetic contribution is so welcome!

Called to join us? RSVP to Erin required. 847 533 0721. Cost info below. 

(To see more of a pragmatic list of the trainings that inform this work, see my Education and Training page.)

'Pillar' (On Zoom)

*For those Beings (anywhere in the world) aligning their ego-actions with Soul's Will, specifically within their Vocation.

Pillar is an online space for Beings to integrate ego and soul on the level of action towards dharma.

The Group is called "Pillar" because it's about unveiling and becoming the Pillar (some Beings) are here to Be. 

These are consistent zoom groups for Being's committed to their own spiritual awakening, that enjoy intimate group containers for the intrinsic support, joy of shared learning, and the integrity that the energies within a group-field bind us to.

Below was the initial "call" for Pillar.

Are you called?

We will sense into Essence,
sense into ego,
sense where they align and misalign,
give support to live towards the alignment,
illuminate blocks that inhibit this allowance,
and create spaces to choose action towards our Life's Work.
There's also always the benefit of deep connection  with like-hearted community, and whatever resources/referrals and healings naturally arrive from shared space.

(If you happened to have sat with us for a cohort within "Support for Soul Alignment"-that was sort of the baby group for this one.
I feel more clarity here on a natural commitment to align form-actions, with force-movements.)

Pillar is For Beings ready to live AS their dharma.
Pillars don't waver. (And, we start by building resilience in really what that means.)

Can you earnestly hold, and Bear the Light?

Only then, can we gift proper use...

There is personal processing here. Energetic "reads" and "mirroring", occasional constellation work and constant, organic inspiration from Spirit...

Pillar goes beyond 'Group Work', because it illuminates each Being's unique "yellow brick road"/dharmic path, specifically as it relates to aligning our actions in Vocation, towards this Will. This takes a bit more courage, sovereignty, discipline and devotion to The Great Work. 

Eager to Be with you Bold and Brave Ones bringing the Change!

Called to join us? RSVP to Erin required 847 533 0721.. Zoom link provided just before session. Cost info below. 

'Return to Community' (In Person)

at Heart's Light in Saint Charles, IL

*For those Beings (local to Saint Charles, IL) embodying Healer/Practitioner archetype, already in service to their community, now seeking Spiritual Peership, through which to co create Divine Will for a larger gift of Service. 

'Return to Community': Monthly Practitioner’s Gathering at Heart’s Light! 


I am called to host refuge/Light for those shining through the Healer or Practitioner archetype; a space to recharge in a like-hearted Space and to enact the return to a dharmic community. What is a dharmic community? It’s my way of expressing the ancient-future way, in which each Being living their own, Right Path, benefits All Paths. 


At Heart’s Light, we sense a New World already in existence, that each of us called, are likely already living from on some level. 

Where each Being’s subtle energy is so well refined and accounted for that not much energy is wasted on things that simply are not ‘ours to do’. (This may mean superfluous marketing, expenses, or overworking; when each Being lives simply, what’s theirs to live, the Path becomes somewhat narrowed, but clear, uncluttered and more easily manifested-if we need it for our Path, it is there.) 

This allows each Being in community to fully know themselves as one within the Whole; playing their part, fully supported by, and supporting, the All. 


This is a Space where differences are welcome, because this “New World” is polarized, not dual, meaning; there is no good/bad/right wrong. Simply, a resonant yes, or not-and nothing is personal. 


This is the ancient way we functioned in community; perhaps you somehow remember? 

And the future way will have it’s own signature, it’s own evolution to add, but from this ancient foundation of each Being living their own “Right Path”. 


So now, I welcome in, those knowing themselves to be partially seated in this New World, but still serving, in their own community, and in their own way, this one. I welcome in those who are Called. 

I am eager to sit with you, to see how we may embody this future template group model for an equal, growing community that honors all paths, and that specifically utilizes the healer or practitioner archetypes-as Pillars for community to recalibrate to Light through. 


We will circle up for tea, 

  1. share a brief meditation, 

  2. take the pulse of the Group Field for potential Dharmic initiatives, 

  3. and update one another on any budding offerings from our respective healing vocations.  

Basic pragmatics, that make us empty for the larger meaning we sit together 


(Before you invite anyone, please forward them along this little verbiage;

the energy is in the words, so someone will know if they are called, or not.) 

Thank you for helping me call together the tribe! 

Eager to be with you all and to begin to co-Create! 

Called to join us? RSVP to Erin required. 847 533 0721. Cost info below. 



Have more questions? Give me a call and let's have a 15 minute (free) chat, to see if we’re a resonant match.

If my services aren’t what you’re seeking, It is my privilege to suggest another practitioner I trust.

Session Rates/Options :

'Spiritual Peership' and 'Myofascial Release/Bodywork':

1 hr for $125

1.5 hrs for $155

'Group Work' (In -Person):

2 hours for $50-$75 (you choose your contribution based on your personal economy)

'Pillar' (on zoom, specifically for vocational alignment):

2 hours $75

'Return to Community'

1 hour, no cost


simply pay what you're able. 

Helping others receive resonant aide is a top priority for me.

Venmo, Paypal. Check, Cash accepted.


Although I do not accept insurance, I am able to provide a receipt that ​you may be able to use

to request reimbursement from your insurance company or medical expense savings account.

You're welcome to call your insurance company and ask what they would need for you to be able to receive reimbursement towards bodywork/myofascial release. (Please note that claiming through insurance will limit our work together to only the mappable, physical modalities.)

Cancellation Policy: Please give me 48 hours notice of appointment changes. As a small business owner, I may need a touch of time to fill your paid space. If cancellation happens within 48 hours, I will kindly request 1/3 of your session rate. 


Awakening Bodies Co. is located on zoom and at Heart's Light in St. Charles, Illinois by appointment only.

Please contact (847) 533- 0721 to schedule, or to see if this work is your next resonant direction!

See Location page for more information on Heart's Light.