What is Myofascial Release?

*Due to the times, I am pausing hands-on  MFR (any massage) in Session. Energetic Coaching and Posturing are fantastic tools to teach you how to begin to contact, experience, and unwind your own fascial system. Call for a no-cost consult, or come in for session, and we'll chat about How!


As a licensed massage therapist (since 2008) I've been trained in many modalities of massage. The modality that speaks most to the way that I sense life and give service is myofascial release. 

Myofascial release understands the Body is enveloped in a 3-dimensional sheet called fascia. Fascia was developed in utero BEFORE muscle and surrounds everything. It, quite literally, is the glue that holds. Everything is held together by this 3d sheet making all parts of the Body interconnected. Twist one part of Body's "sheet" (through typical movement, injury, or emotional patterns), and all other parts of the sheet must follow the twist. Fascia is also the container that holds and moves emotions that Body has not yet prioritized to process, move, and integrate. The presence of these emotions also "twists the sheet," and contributes to posture (and sometimes pain).

As I practice myofascial release, I can sense fascial needs and patterns with enough subtleties to both understand and unwind layers of over-protection using only heat from my un-oiled hand. This melts the acid within the fascia, like a warm hand melting butter, allowing for release and opportunity for processing, moving, and integration. If I were an artist taking my cues from something higher, my medium would be fascia, and the "something higher" would be the divine intelligence of each Body. 

I love to educate on and calibrate people to sensing and receiving and even anticipating the work from the inside out, while I work. I find this has a deeper and more prolonged effect somehow on the body. My theory is that their sensing of the work from the inside out as well as from the outside in, helps the brain to more deeply understand, and eventually control the work. After all, I am only listening to the Body's own intelligence on how it would like to unwind from the space it once wound up-it knows everything about that sequence, and what's stored within it, because it was IT'S own movement. Once our human personality witnesses our body experiencing that sense, much about these long-held patterns begin to shift. 


For me the most important thing is to get my mind out of the way so my body can heal itself.  I come to you because you can make that happen for me. You have a way of making me aware of where the energy needs to be directed for the healing to happen.

For me, you and Roxy provide a healing environment I have found nowhere else and that along with your insight and time leave me at a loss for what more you could do for my well being!

Tim Van Epps


The gift that you have to energetically understand what I’m trying to communicate by going beyond the story is enormously healing.


There isn’t a “psychotherapist” that I’ve met that could compare.  It was a perfect tie in at the end of our session to do the body work on the table. I could feel all of the beautiful work you were doing.

Heather Lake


I come to you because of your true authentic heart (self). You channel “all that is” and are not afraid to refer out of your practice. Seeing you live in your truth opens me to my authentic truth.  


It has been a long time since I have looked elsewhere. I really can not think of what I would want differently from you, except when you start channeling and speaking sometimes it’s comes at me to quickly and I miss out on the processing. (Bring a journal when you visit Erin!)


Erin you are an authentic loving soul. I feel alive and wise when I’m with you.

Karen Dangel