If you cannot love, You will not love.

If you knew the shape of a person’s nervous system-the many times a day it shifts states, and why, and all that they do to notice, harness and integrate this shaping,

If you knew the personal karma, family karma, cultural conditioning and epigenetics that this Being has taken on through their Body-Mind, and all the ways they’ve had to adapt, avoid, or see-to try to feel okay,

If you knew the way that Source feels about this Being, this Ray, as aspect of Itself,

Then you would forgive them completely, and love them beyond time.

All of these abilities are available to us.

The only thing in the way of letting someone off the hook for merely being what they are

Is your, or my, model of life.

Every time we love someone fully, understand someone fully, we break our well-worn model of life.

Every time we Understand, we die to a little part of our solidified self.

In this way, when we do not understand, or will not love, we are choosing an illusory self, over the intelligence, mystery and Reality of our interconnectedness and essential Belonging.

If you cannot love, it means,

You will not love.

And that is what pauses our evolutionary potential.

What parts of Yourself have you yet to include, and forgive? All parts are merely Being.