Postural Playshop

Postural Playshops is a group Body-Mind-Spirit Self-Care class, that explores the Body on all of its levels: physical, emotional, mental, energetic and beyond.

We engage in multiple practices including Posturing, movement, subtle energy and relationship dynamics, meditation, embodiment, somatic explorations, mirror work, writing, sharing and science to assist us in our collective healing and growth, based on the needs of the group that day. 

Postural Playshop groups meet monthly; the group decides on the time. Postural Playshop is $50 per participant.


What clients are saying about Postural Playshop

I leave Playshops/sessions feeling more aligned and centered in my power. With energetic & postural feedback towards alignment, I notice my thoughts, feelings, and sense of self shifting towards a feeling of at homeness in my body and life in this moment.


Jennifer Sharp, PhD

The experience helps me align the energy I feel, but do not always understand.  After, I always feel lighter and more clear. It's like the mirror gets magnified and I can see 10xs what I could before



For the soul lost in the material world, you invite the....light of spirit into the physical body.  For the spiritual seeker, you help them to see the soul of the earth as expressed in our physical bodies - that they don't need to escape this world for connection.  You work with the body as a medium for connection - the different levels within a person, and their connection with the world and beyond. 

Amanda Wellman 

Working with Erin in both postural playshop and one on one coaching has significantly supported my personal development of a sturdy spiritual anchor amidst the often tumultuous terrain of life.  She provides a safe space to explore the multidimensional nature of our bodies, while offering intuitive and rich insights into the many layers of our being, from the physical to the emotional to the psychological, the spiritual and beyond.  Erin is a true master and facilitator of embodiment--I always walk out of our sessions feeling deeply enlivened and connected to my body on all levels of being.