What is Posturing?

Posturing is what I call how our bodies’ positions (or posture) and movement have come to be and impact our wellbeing - and vice versa. The experience of Posturing involves ideally both bringing awareness into our own bodies, through embodiment practice, and looking at the Body in a full length mirror. 

When I was a physical therapy aide, I developed an affinity for alignment and saw how improving posture improves health. Now my work is also informed by mystical experiences, the practice of embodiment, meditation, and ongoing research on subjects such as trauma, gait, energy, spiritual cosmologies, consciousness, and relationships. Posturing encompasses my ongoing experience with somatics. It reveals not-yet-processed emotions, thoughts, stored experiences, family lineage and karmic imprints informing how we hold our bodies, and generating their habitual movement (and/or pain) patterns. 

In Posturing work, we learn to FEEL our bodies' layers of energy and the stories they contain. We unravel the story by feeling and verbalizing it. As a result, the energetic holding pattern and related posture begins to experience a change and can even unwind itself.

Essentially, posturing work is a hybrid of embodied energy work and embodied mindfulness. Some may call this experience, Bodyfulness. Its aim is deeper Self-understanding, cohesion, and connection.

When Posturing is practiced in a group I call it "Postural Playshop." It's a great Space for monthly, peer-supported, Spiritual self-care! 

I offer a no-cost 15 minute phone consultation for all new clients to see if we’re a resonant match.

If my services aren’t exactly what you’re seeking It is my joy and privilege to suggest another Cincinnati practitioner I trust.

I will continue to build my practitioner network here, near St. Charles, Illinois, to be able to refer you locally, as well.

Session Options & Rates:

1 hr for $125

1.5 hrs for $155

*Due to the flow of These Times, I am happy to flex on session cost. Above are my regular rates.

I trust you to be ready for the work, to sense the value of the work, and to also know your own financial abilities at this time.

I leave it to you to set your own session cost. Helping others receive resonant aide is a top priority for me.

Venmo, Paypal. Check, Cash accepted.


Although I do not accept insurance, I am able to provide a receipt that ​you may be able to use

to request reimbursement from your insurance company or medical expense savings account.

You're welcome to call your insurance company and ask what they would need for you to be able to receive reimbursement towards bodywork. (Please note that claiming through insurance will limit our work together to only the mappable, physical modalities.)


Awakening Bodies Co. is located on zoom and at Heart's Light in St. Charles, Illinois by appointment only.

At Heart's Light we offer a calendar of events and over 10 modalities for yourself and your loved ones to partake in. 

Please contact (847) 533- 0721 to schedule, or to see if this work is your next resonant direction!

See Location page for more information on Heart's Light.


I first went to see Erin for persistent muscle pain from fibromyalgia, which I have suffered from for years. As Erin worked with me to unwind patterns of tension in my physical body, we developed a deep trust that allowed us to carry the conversation about my physical complaints into one about the state of my thoughts and my desire to improve my life in a holistic way. Erin has walked this road herself, so she generously shared her insight with me and then stepped back to allow me to think about how I might forge a similar path in a way that works for me.


We began doing postural therapy sessions to supplement the bodywork, which created in me a new awareness of how I carry my body as I go about my daily life. I am developing a new practice of awareness of my body and its reactions to people, events, and environments, which has motivated me to cultivate a different kind of openness and vulnerability in my approach to living. If it sounds scary, it is! But it is also exhilarating and has deepened the relationship of my Self to the world around me.


Not everyone wants to do this, but for people who are ready and interested in using bodywork as a jumping off point for improving your life in ways that fit for you, Erin has tools to offer that I have not found anywhere else.


In terms of my muscles and chronic pain, the work I’ve done with Erin has reduced the pain and inflammation from my fibromyalgia to such an extent that I no longer regularly rely on medications to relax my muscles and relieve pain. I look forward to what other progress I can make in living a full life.

Lisa Howe


I choose to work with you as often as possible.


Once you and I started working together I was in awe of your ability to connect to the physical body-spirit/energy connection. You have a gift the likes of which I've never experienced with anyone else.


I also feel a heart connection with you that I find rare - I am comfortable to be me with you (something I rarely feel).


The playshops are awesome. I have no doubt our group was divinely united. I found them extremely revealing.


You are unique in your amazing ability to communicate in a manner that I find easily understandable and able to intertwine spirit/energy with the physical / emotional bodies. I am typically amazed at the insights revealed during the sessions.


I recommend anyone and everyone that I think is open to see you.


Sometimes I wish I had a recording of the session because so much is covered.

Karen Shroer