Quick Aide

For those times of inner intensity that we’re desperate for Self- Alignment,
but can’t fully regulate our nervous system state on our own
to get back to center/clarity/inner guidance/spiritual connection, and 
We need quick and trusted aide, from a spiritual peer/mirror/guide,
and with a cost to match our (refined needs) more appropriately. 

Quick Aide is for established clients, whose Energy field I’m already familiar with.

Text me for a 15 or 30 minute appointment, 
to happen over zoom or phone *within 24 hours of the request*

See contact info below.

Quick Aide Rates:​

15 minute ($30) or 30 minute ($60) appointment, 

*Due to the unexpected flow of These Times, I am happy to flex on session cost. Above are my regular rates.

I trust you to be ready for the work, to sense the value of the work, and to also know your own financial abilities at this time.

I leave it to you to set your own session cost through Covid. Helping others receive resonant aide is a top priority for me.

Venmo, Paypal. Check, Cash accepted.


Although I do not accept insurance, I am able to provide a receipt that ​you may be able to use

to request reimbursement from your insurance company or medical expense savings account. 


Awakening Bodies Co. is located at 311 S 2nd St, St. Charles Illinois 60174 and is open by appointment only.

Please contact (847) 533- 0721 to schedule, or to see if this work is your next resonant direction!