Resources (Helpful Things)

As all of these bodies within us, that Are us, Awaken unto themselves, our lifestyles change. 

There are a few high-frequency products and companies I've found to be resonant for my more Self and Life-Aligned Life. I appreciate earth-conscious business, small business, business' who aren't superfluous, but earnestly seek to nourish, while fulfilling spiritual dharma. 

Maybe they'll be helpful to you, too?

For Human Bodies:

Avena Botanicals in Midcoast Maine is a staple for all of my herbal-mama friends. With a gentleness and purity that creates their products and extends into their customer service, they are becoming a staple for me, too. May you enjoy so deeply, the depth of purity they offer and create!

Banyan Botanicals is The organic, Ayurvedic hot-spot, for me. Herbal-infused oils, dosha-specific supplements, tons of free information on Ayurveda-including a doshic test-and with the ability to create your own doshic profile that even recommends products to balance your dosha. What a generous resource-space Banyan is! Ancient Remedy from Mama. 

Bouquet Botanicals  is a personal favorite, because it was created, in part, by a personal friend. Rachel Hershberger is as earnest as they come, and together with her business partner and longtime friend, Lee Pepper, are wildly passionate about Mama Nature and her Fruits. They create small batch botanical rituals handcrafted in central and southern Ohio. These thoughtfully and artfully crafted household staples of teas, soaps an candles will enrich your homespace with the luxury of purity and grace. 

Myself and my family have been ingesting Purium's Organic, Vegan Superfoods for a few years now. Their "Apple Berry Power Shake", "Biome Medic", and "MVP Vanilla" with adaptogenetic mushrooms are some of my daily staples. 'Bee Energetic" is an amazing adrenal tonic for when the stress is high. "Enzyme advantage" breaks down food and ensures digestion, "Apothocherry" is a divine nightcap that invites deep sleep. I could talk about the benefits of these products on bodies for hours...I appreciate them so much that I became a Brand Partner. If you're seeking an easy, effective way to ingest the high frequency of organic, clean plant medicine daily, type in  my code at checkout: Gallagher to get 25% off of your order when you spend $50 or more. (You'll retain the same 25% as you fill your cart, or set up a "smart order" monthly, and rewards points stack up towards percentages off of products. 60 day money back guarantee.) Feel free to connect with me for more personalized aide. 

No matter the weather, my mornings begin with a contemplative doggie-walk, sipping on freshly pressed Rasa: Organic Adaptagenetic Coffee Alternative Blend (that admittedly, yes, I still sneak a touch of organic coffee into!) The cumulative effects of these system-adapting herbs are Real, and Rasa's ever-expanding variety is an adventure to savor. Lopa's quirky e-mails about women's business, sexual health and ecological sustainability are fresh, spicy and informative. They have a monthly subscription now that saves a touch of money, and keeps the rituals going. The Cacao and Sex Tonic are my personal favorites. And they have wonderfully curated add-on's like Anima Mundi's Euphoria Elixer or Happiness Tonic to drizzle into your morning steep or latte.

Young Living Essential Oils-Yes-we've all heard of them by now! And even having heard about them doesn't dim the enthusiasm I have for the potency of their beyond organic plant medicine products! Their "peace and calming", "valor", "joy", "acceptance"; each of these oils have been so pivotal for me in bolstering and integrating phases of trauma, anxiety, depression and even jealousy in my life...little bursts of potent aide to diffuse or wear neat, to recalibrate my nervous system back towards balance. "Copaiba" for my young niece's gums as she's teething, "White Angelica" to send to a friend; her signature scent, and "Infectaway" blend that I mix with water to spray on my pup's feet after she comes in from outdoors. Young Living is layered into my daily routines and remedies. I appreciate these gifts of aide so much in my life. that I became an Essential Rewards Member and a Distributer. If you'd like to become one of the above, or receive the discounts that come from ordering through a Distributer, you're welcome to use this link for your 24% off. (If you enroll in Essential Rewards, you will receive 10% back, each month, but for 3 months, those points will stack up to be redeemed on month 4. After month 4, you can earn, and redeem, anytime. just like a gift card. You must spend 50 PV (or dollars) a month to maintain the benefit of receiving this return. There are also free gifts based on the amount of your monthly orders.)

Even if these details may seem confusing; if you feel you'd like to explore 2-3 new oils or life-enhancing, trustworthy products a month, and earn money towards more products while doing so, (which you can use for yourself, or gifting to friends and fam) then this model may be of great benefit to you. Even more so if you have friends and fam that would like to order from You.

If you'd like to go down the road of becoming a Member, click on, or copy and paste my link to order:

For our Animal Companion's Bodies:

Dogs For The Earth has taken me years of self-cooking for my pup, Roxy, to find. They are organic, human grade, balanced, dehydrated food and treats-and they have special blends for animal's with allergies, diabetes, cancer and other challenging ailments-check out their Chelsea Blend. Their customer service is phenomenally hearted, and they take seriously, but joyously, their Service to our animal friends. Their Chef often whips up seasonal varietals as well as rotating protein sources. Their food comes in small hamburger sized dehydrated patties that you simply crumble, add warm (not boiling) water to, and allow to rehydrate for 5-15 minutes (depending on how companion prefers it!) And they have a monthly autoship that really meets our needs.

Feeding our animals quality (and enjoyable) food changes their lives. Dogs for the Earth offers a service that embodies so many of my values on how we can best care for our beloved animal companions that support our harrowing, human journey. We could not do our lives as efficiently. as softly, without their profound care. May we Care Back, through investing in food that heals and nourishes them as fully as possible. I send so many blessings each day for the wonderful humans that created this food. It is not matched by any other (in my humble opinion.)

Purium's Epi-Genius for Dogs  "Specially-crafted to nourish our furry, four-legged friends, Epi-Genius Dog canine wellness supplement combines Purium’s exclusive gut health formula, Biome Medic, (which removes the glyphosates that can break apart the gut biome and lead to leaky gut while repopulating the gut biome) and the proprietary joint-supporting ingredients from our beloved Joint Flex. Boasting the cellular health benefits of chlorella, this blend also contains a unique combination of enzymes, probiotics and herbs. These pure ingredients help to enhance digestion and reduce doggie breath and gas. Consistent use of EpiGenius Dog may encourage a shinier coat and a more pleasant-smelling dog. Spend more quality time with your little buddy by supporting a longer and healthier life.  Committed to freeing our planet from plastic pollution, our new packaging is home compostable, for non-edible gardens and soil. Remove the label prior to home composting." Type in  my code at checkout: Gallagher to get 25% off of your order when you spend $50 or more.

Wysong is a holistic, healthy pet food and supplement company that a brilliant, retired veterinarian turned me onto when Roxy was at her worst. It seemed, that my main vet, though wonderful on many levels, was just not able to get underneath Roxy's itching, diarrhea and vomiting symptoms in the way I aligned with, and knew a human body could heal from. I'm fairly certain that Wysong's 'inoculant' as well as 'pdg' were The missing links of profound nutrition that Roxy's system needed to reboot slowly back into balance. To this day (3 years later) I still layer in a touch of one of these products if I see her bowels changing. The gratitude I have for that retired veterinarian, as well as the brilliance of Wysong is more than I can say-they both helped Rox come out of intense suffering, and that is the best gift. 

So many blessings for the balance & health of all of the bodies in your household!