A word about the nature of this Work: Though I am trained to work with & for the body, I take my movements from (your) Consciousness.
The thinking mind may not always get the pressure, or even the "results" it thinks it wants, but the thinking mind is not You, it is part of the vehicle that (your) Consciousness "should" be directing. I work for & with (your) Consciousness, for it to update (your/it's own) vehicle. For me, this is of the utmost importance now, as consciousness is the only thing that can effect real change of the physical body.
We come to this Space without expectations, without knowing, and with curiosity and awe. This kind of practice allows for True Learning.
So, though I am capable, I'm not who I'd recommend you to go to, to "get rid of physical pain". The work we do together is reparative, integrative and foundational. I'd invite you to gently put your thinking mind aside, and be curious about this thing we call Soul, and It's experience of (your) body.
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Spiritual Peership

Sometimes, we need a space of Light to see and be with us,

as our own Light is remembered, to be lived from again.


Group Work

When we gather,

there is  a Space that holds us, grows us, and reinforces the Path. 

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Myofascial Release

This practice invites Body to lead my hands, and release what is ready to unwind. Body holds much of what's past. Let it go?

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Have more questions? Give me a call and let's have a 15 minute (free) chat, to see if we’re a resonant match.

If my services aren’t what you’re seeking, It is my privilege to suggest another practitioner I trust.

Session Rates/Options :

'Spiritual Peership' and 'Myofascial Release/Bodywork':

1 hr for $125

1.5 hrs for $155

'Group Work' (In -Person):

2 hours for $50-$75 (you choose your contribution based on your personal economy)

'Pillar' (on zoom, specifically for vocational alignment):

2 hours $75

'Return to Community'

1 hour, no cost


simply pay what you're able. 

Helping others receive resonant aide is a top priority for me.

Venmo, Paypal. Check, Cash accepted.


Although I do not accept insurance, I am able to provide a receipt that ​you may be able to use

to request reimbursement from your insurance company or medical expense savings account.

You're welcome to call your insurance company and ask what they would need for you to be able to receive reimbursement towards bodywork/myofascial release. (Please note that claiming through insurance will limit our work together to only the mappable, physical modalities.)

Cancellation Policy: Please give me 48 hours notice of appointment changes. As a small business owner, I may need a touch of time to fill your paid space. If cancellation happens within 48 hours, I will kindly request 1/3 of your session rate. 


Awakening Bodies Co. is located on zoom and at Heart's Light in St. Charles, Illinois by appointment only.

Please contact (847) 533- 0721 to schedule, or to see if this work is your next resonant direction!

See Location page for more information on Heart's Light.